Understand Categories

Categories describe information that has been freely defined based on hierarchical structures. Categories can be assigned to activities and grouping and filters can be applied to them.

Category Groups

On the root level, the category groups are defined. Each category group can have unlimited entries and levels.

To edit the group settings, Click the Edit button on the right side (double-click is reserved for going one level down). 

Category Entries

In the Tilos Explorer, select the entry Library - Category and you will see a list of already existing category groups in the Working Window.

Using the buttons on the right edge, you can add new category groups, delete selected entries in the list and open the Details of a category.

The first level of the category tree is called the category group. 

Category information can be used to filter Activities or to group Activities in the Gantt chart.

Activate the option Unique assignment, if only one item of a group should be assigned to an activity!

Note:  The colors and Picture assignment can be used in Activity Grouping for Gantt Charts. Pictures can be imported into the Graphics Library.

Example: Entries in a category group "Companies" without structure:

Example: Entries in a category group "Responsible" with structure:

If you select an existing category group in the library, you will see a list of the categories for the group in the Working Window. Here you can create subordinate categories over a selected entry.

By double-clicking on a category, you can also add subordinate categories. In order to get to one level up within a structure Click the button right to the Root category list.

Exchanging Data with other Programs

Use your computer's clipboard to exchange data types from this list with other programs and vice versa. See Export via the Clipboard and Import via the Clipboard for more information.

Import/export using the clipboard

Fields that can be exported/imported

Path, Name, Description path, Description, and Category ID

Note:  When you export categories from Tilos to the clipboard, all the branches from the category tree are exported, starting from the selected level down to the lowest level beneath it. When you want to import data from the clipboard, it gets imported starting at the selected category level, so when you import data from the clipboard, be sure to import at the right category level. The import function only compares category IDs at the same level (and below) as selected in Tilos.