Define Activity Annotations

Use the Activity Description tab to define a specified activity annotation.

Ways to access

  • Right-click in a Gantt chart and select Gantt Chart Settings from the context menu. Then click the Activity Description tab.


Depending on the type of annotation, the upper part of the dialog changes:

  • Expression - If you want a pure text description, then in the upper part you can enter the description to display.

  • Pinpoint position - The pin position describes where the annotation should be placed relative to the bars corner. The text can be added inside or outside the Activities borders of the Activity.

To place a text on top or below of the activity, select the option TC and BC.

  • Width and Height - The text annotation is a multi line text object. IF you have multiple text objects inside the bar, you can specify the % of the height or width which the text should maximum take. This also controls line breaks. If the text is too big to fit into the rectangle, it gets truncated.

  • Distance vertical and Distance horizontal - This is an offset value to move the text away from the border line of an Activity. Horizontal and vertical apply to a Gantt chart where the time axis is horizontal.

  • Font settings - Each description can have its own font settings.

  • Filter - Select an existing filter using the combo list or click the filter symbol to create a new or edit the select filter.

  • For Baseline only - The activated option displays the Activity description on the actual baseline Activities and not on the Activity.

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