Exchange Data with Trimble Quadri

Using the Quadri Task Connector API, it is now possible to set up a bi-directional data exchange link between Quadri and Tilos, giving schedulers direct access (no file transfers) to all design data within the Quadri BIM model. Any modifications made to the BIM model can later be easily updated and analyzed in Tilos.

As the connection is bi-directional, it is also possible to “publish” the schedule back to Quadri, making its information accessible to all other users with access to the Quadri BIM model.

  1. Using the new Tilos - Quadri workflow, you can:

  2. Connect to Quadri and access any content within the model

  3. Create views and filters for the data you want to transfer

  4. Install the Quadri Connector and Quadri Task Templates.

  5. Configure settings for the Time Zone management, Tilos project, and Sector type to update as features are exchanged.

  6. Map Quadri feature types to Tilos Activity templates.

  7. Map Quadri task and Tilos Activity properties to each other.

  8. Download task data from Quadri.

  9. Review and filter the data.

  10. Upload changes you make to your Tilos schedule back to Quadri to stay in sync.

See Exchanging BIM Data with Trimble Quadri in the Tilos Community.

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