Understand Mass Haulage

Understanding Mass Haulage

The Mass Haulage Diagram allows you to define and display specific mass haul areas and transport routes for material volumes that are to be stored, deposited, or cut. 

Exchanging Data with other Programs

Use your computer's clipboard to exchange data types from this list with other programs and vice versa. For more information, see the Export via the Clipboard and Import via the Clipboard help topics.

Import/export using the clipboard

Click either:

Fields that can be exported/imported

Name, Mass Haulage ID, Shrinkage [%], Cut grow factor [%], Fill Shrink factor [%], Haul Quantity, Cut volume compacted, Fill volume compacted, Haul Distance, Haul Product, Start distance, Source Area Name, Source Area Id, Destination Area Name, Destination Area Id, Text 1, Additional haul, Distance from Origin, Additional haul, Distance from Destination, Distance between Balance Point Source and Balance Point Destination, Line Display Position %, Source link pos., and Destination link pos.

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Create a Mass Haulage Diagram