Define Calendar Exceptions

Use the Calendar View or Exceptions/Holidays tab to define exceptions. Exceptions are based on day definitions and display the exception to the general rule as defined on the Periods tab or week definition.

Note: Entering exceptions directly in the preview on the Calendar View tab is recommended.

Note: Exceptions will overwrite the settings of related days on the Periods tab.

Ways to access

  • See below for how to open the Calendar dialog.


  1. In the Tilos Explorer, click + to expand Project Data.

  2. Then double-click Calendars to open the list of existing calendars and a preview of each in the working window.

  3. Double-click a calendar in the list, and click the Calendar View or Exceptions/Holidays tab.

4. Click the Add Exception icon to add a new exception.

5. Give the exception a descriptive Name, adjust the From and To dates (if needed), and select to which definition the exception should be linked In the Day definition list.

6. If needed, select any unnecessary exceptions and click the Delete Exception icon to remove them.

7. Click OK.

Note: Watch the bottom of the dialog for Incorrect exception warnings.