Format Distance Units

Use the Distance Units dialog to enter the name of the distance unit and define the format of the unit. The name is shown within the selection list for distance units.

Ways to access


 2500 yards = 1m 33c 14y.  1 Mile has 1760 yards, while a chain has 22 yards.

 Miles Yards, same as Miles Chains Yards but chains are skipped.

 2500 yards are 1m 740y

 0.## means, print decimals only if they are not 00.

 0 hide decimals

 0.00 show always 2 decimals

E.g., m in km are often shown as 1+350.E.g. In Pipeline, you want to show 100 feet separated by +. Unit is then feet. You define a unit 100 feet, Factor = 100 and define + Symbol. The coordinates are shown in 542+00 format.If not defined, then the standard windows separator is used.

 E.g., The base unit is yards and we want to show miles. The factor is 1760.

 2640 yards = 1.0880 if option non-decimal is set. (Format 0.0000)

 2640 yards = 1.50 if option non-decimal is not set. (Format 0.00)

Assuming you do a scale based on 1 mile and yards is the base unit, in a further scale, you want to show the yards. Create a new unit called yards in miles and activate this option. In the second scale, you now insert this token.

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