Use the Rescheduling dialog to specify how rescheduling is done and to report on the results. This dialog only appears when Skip Report is unchecked in Options > Tab Activity.

Ways to access

  • Press F9 on your keyboard.

  • Click the Reschedule icon on the tooobar.


  • No of Subprojects - Information on how many subprojects will be rescheduled.

  • Report date - Displays the current Report date. It can be changed before the Reschedule starts. Progress Information will be calculated to that Report date.

  • Create a Reschedule Report - If selected a Text file is created with detailed information of the changes by this reschedule. The Folder/Filename of the Report file can be selected.

  • Reschedule Options - Opens the Dialog Reschedule Options to change the options before Rescheduling

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Reschedule Results