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The first columns contain properties of the views: Name, ID, and Type of View.

The Grouping Character and Sorting Character columns display the values for all views. They can be changed here. Sorting and grouping of views can be done in the Tilos Explorer. On the 'View' entry select the Context Menu.

In Column Visible in Tilos Explorer filter you can select, which view will be displayed or hidden, when using the Menu Only Views with a 'Visible' flag in the context menu folder of view.

Edit views

To modify the layout of a view, including hiding/showing columns and borders, right-click in the view and select Edit View in the context menu.

Note:  If your time or distance scale references a master view and you hide that view, the scale is hidden in any dependent views (of that master) too. To display the scale in dependent views, deselect the master cell in the scale view's properties.

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