Review Layers

Ways to access

  • In the Tilos Explorer, expand Project data > Graphic Libraries > Layers. Double-click Layers and then the Add Layer icon or double-click an existing layer.

  • Inside the tab 'Layers' are all layers of the libraries listed.

Note: To add a new layer resp. to delete a layer select inside of the Tilos Explorer:Library/ Graphic/ Layers.


  • Visible (screen) - Enable/ Disable this option to display or hide the layer objects at the screen.

  • Objects selectable - Enable/ Disable this option to activate or deactivate the objects on this layer. Inactive layer objects are displayed but can not be selected.

  • Visible (printout) - Disable this option if the objects on this layer should not be printed.

  • Default (activity) - New created objects are deposited onto this layer. Only one layer can be defined as the default.

  • Default (annotation) - When creating new Activities, the Activity text is automatically assigned on this layer. If a layer with this option does not exist, the Activity text is placed on the same layer as the Activity.

As additional information, the number of objects that are on this layer is shown.

Layer order

For the display the layers are put on top of each other like transparencies, the upper layer is in the foreground. Using the Move Up and Move Down icons, you can change the order of the table.

To avoid having to re-sort the order of the layers for each cell in each view, use the Synchronize Layers dialog.

Show only used layers

Press the button Show only used layers to display only those layers, which are used inside that cell.

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Further information

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