Prepare Gantt Charts for Printing

Gantt charts can be printed with a border containing additional data about the project and the company around the chart. You can split the chart into different pages, each having its own border. For more information, see Set Print Properties.

For printing, the Gantt chart or parts of a Gantt chart are inserted in a view generated in the view section of Tilos. This is a simple view containing only one cell, which should be empty. The flag Print form for Gantt Charts should be set in the tab View of the view.

Ways to access


Main axis scaling

Bar lines mode

Template view

Print Form for Gantt Chart

A print form for a Gantt chart contains pictures, logos, text, and legend information. It can be used as a border form that is wrapped around the Gantt chart during printing. The print form can be assigned to the output in the Gantt Print Preparation dialog.