Create Links

Use the New Link dialog to create a link between a predecessor activity and a successor activity, and to assign the properties of a link.

Ways to access


General settings


If you select this link type, you can check the Calculate end date of the successor box (below) to set the duration of a successor Activity so that its end date = the end date of its predecessor Activity. This setting will respect any lead or lag times associated with the link.

Note: Calculate meeting point can only be used if no advanced activity modeling (profile) is set. For a profile-based activity, it will be implemented later.

Link-specific settings

Note:  Synchronize duration and Synchronize end date (see below) cannot both be checked at the same time.  

The distance calculation can also reflect offset. In track renewal with track renewal trains, a manhole has to be done. In this case, enter an offset of, e.g., 20 m.

If the shape is a parallelogram or a triangle, then lead and lag for the predecessor and successor can be selected and is reflected in the total offset calculation. It is added to the manual calculation.

Driving link

Note:  This is only enabled if the duration can be set.


With Calculate end date of successor enabled, when the duration and end date of the master predecessor Activity (green) is changed, the linked successor Activities (beige) change duration in response.

Note:  If the start of the successor is >= the end of the predecessor, an error will be added to the error list when you reschedule.

Using this option, the quantity set for a predecessor is recalculated for all following Activities on the schedule.  

Note:  All material volumes (e.g., cut and fill quantities) are considered to be in compacted states; there is no accounting for bulkage, swell, or shrinkage.

Note:  This link must be made prior to synchronizing duration, and the setting only applies if no progress has been made on the predecessor Activity.

Note:  Synchronize end date and Synchronize duration cannot both be checked at the same time. To enable Set quantity by predecessor, the conditions are:

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