Set Gantt Chart Group Line Properties

Use the ... dialog is to set the presentation for one grouping level.

Ways to access


Basic Group and Filter

In this group, the basic settings for the grouping criteria are set.

  • Group by - Drop-down menu to set the grouping criteria. The listed fields are the most relevant for Activity grouping. For some of them further attributes need to be set:

  • Category group - In the field Category you can now select any category group.

  • Category - In the field Category you can now select any category entry. Only this and sub entries is taken for the grouping

  • Resource allocation - In the Filter you can now type any text that will be compared with the Filter Character in the Resource properties.

  • Display to Level - Some group elements contain a hierarchy such as Categories, WBS, Resource allocations and Activity templates.

If Display to Level = 0, then only the direct assignments on each level are displayed as a flat list.

If the value > 0, then the grouping is structured down to this level. E.g. Values = 1, then all items from level 2 and 3 appear in level 1.

  • Group Name - (Available only for WBS or Category Grouping): Select the Text value to display on the Group level in the Gantt column.

  • Note - Sorting of the elements in the Gantt is done fixed by the alphabet of the grouping criteria value. For categories and WBS the path is used for sorting.

  • Sort group by template sort field - active if 'Activity template' is selected. If this option is checked, then Categories are sorted by the sort field of the templates.

  • Sort group by resource ID - active if 'Resource allocation' is selected. If this option is checked, then resources are sorted by the sort resource ID rather than the short name.

Group presentation

The presentation for group lines displayed in this level can be customized: You may set up custom Color, font and separator lines.

The separator line can take the individual colors from the "Color Settings for headlines and Ribbon Groups". Check the Option "Use Color from Grouping" to activate getting the color from WBS/Category or Color Code.

Colors for headlines/Ribbon groups

Besides manual Color setup in Group Presentation Settings above, the Colors can be taken from assigned Category/WBS or from Color codes. We recommend Color codes only for flat (1 Level) Groupings).

In all other cases the color of the Category or WBS is displayed. The color of the WBS / category can be displayed in the library.

  • Get Color from Category/WBS - This option applies only if grouping criteria is a Category or WBS. The colors from Category/WBS are used for this Group Level.

  • Color Code - If Get Color from Category/WBS is not set, a Color Code can be assigned.

Each new virtual group entry gets the next color in the list assigned. If the last entry is reached, then it starts again from the beginning.

Presentation of Ribbon Group

This item applies only for ribbon-based grouping.

  • Content

  • Display Text - Only a text is printed in the Ribbon.

  • Display Text and Picture - Text and Picture is printed in the Ribbon. Pictures are only available for Categories and WBS Grouping. These pictures are assigned to the Category or WBS Library element.

  • Graphic only - In this a graphic is printed in the ribbon. Graphic works only for Categories and WBS. These elements can have associated graphics.

  • Hide column - In this mode the grouping is still done by this element, but it is not shown in the text panel.

  • Text horizontal - Usually the text in the ribbon is shown vertically in a traditional Gantt chart. Using this option, the text can be rotated to show like the other entries in the text panel.

  • Text above graphic - Usually the text is printed before the graphic in a separate column. If this option is true, then the text is printed in the same column but on top of the graphic.

  • Width - This shows the width of each column. Total column width is calculated as the sum of graphic width and text width. For Text only, Graphic width is ignored and can not be edited.

  • Horizontal - Here you can set for text and graphic the alignment inside the cell.

  • Vertical - Here you can set for text and graphic the alignment inside the cell.

  • Stretch picture - The Picture is stretched to fit the whole area. The proportions may be changed

  • Rotate picture - The Picture gets 90 degrees rotated to the left in the Ribbon Cell.

  • Gleiches Bild - gleiche Größe: Falls das selbe Bild in mehreren Zellen dieser Spalte erscheint, wird mit dieser Einstellung erzwungen, dass alle gleichen Bilder die selbe Größe haben. Die Größe wird definiert vom Wert Minimale Zeilen/Gruppe. Die Proportionen des Bildes bleiben erhalten und wenn es nicht genügend Platz zum Darstellen des Bildes gibt, wird es entsprechend abgeschnitten.

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