Sort Gantt Chart Activities

Use the Activity Sorting dialog to define a sort sequence within an Activity List or a Gantt chart.

Ways to access

  • Open an Activity List and click the Sort Activities icon in the upper right corner.

  • Open a Gantt chart, right-click and select Gantt Chart Settings. To the right of the Filter field, click the Sort Activities icon.


  • Natural order - Maintain the order of the entered activity sequence inside the activity (place an inserted activity above/before the activity you have selected).

  • Other order - Set a user-defined activity sequence. According to this option choose the order of sorting criteria from the drop-down menu by given data fields up to three items.

    • Ascending - Additionally, sort activities in an ascending sequence, otherwise they are sorted descending.

Copy-and-Paste Activities

Use the CTRL + C and CTRL + V shortcuts to copy and paste activities into the Activity List. The copied Activities are inserted above/before the Activity, you select (in the natural order/Activity sequence). In addition, each inserted activity is automatically assigned a new Activity ID. This generally occurs for all items where the program maintains a natural order.