Create and Add Symbols

Use the Symbol Editor to create and edit symbols. Text annotations can be attached to the center of the symbol's bounding box or to the border at eight different places.

Ways to access


Create library symbols

9. Drag the edges to the Rectangle.

10. Add different size ellipses as a "pipe" in the rectangle and position them.

11. Also add a Single Line Text or a Multi Line Text.

12. On the tab Position enter the Pin point for the text to Centre/Begin.

13. On the tab Text select the Format of the text.

14. In the text content field, either enter a free text or select data fields using the F8 button. You have now finished creating a symbol. You should enter the symbol for example in a time-distance cell in order to check its function.


{Name} at {Center (Distance)}  - gives later on the text "storage place for pipe at 1.234"

Add a symbol to a time-distance cell

A description of the position information can be found in the reference hand book Programme logic - Objects - Symbol.


The working area provides direct access to edit a currently selected symbol.

You can insert all non-Activities objects except for histograms and legends from the Insert Toolbar.

Insert a symbol

Connect a symbol with an activity

Set defaults for creating  objects

Exchanging Data with other Programs

Use your computer's clipboard to exchange data types from this list with other programs and vice versa. See Export via the Clipboard for more information.

To export using the clipboard:

These fields can be exported:


Note: Only textual data can be exported for this list; graphical data cannot be exported or imported.

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