Import and Export Station Points

Use the Distance Profile Properties dialog to set up the table of the profile line items in the distance profile properties, import, and export data from or to the Windows clipboard.

Ways to access


Grid settings

Each line in the dialog above represents one column of the grid in the distance profile properties.

To change the order of items click the button resp. This will move the columns in the distance profile properties left and right.

In the column 'Custom name' enter a user-defined name for a required column header.

Column name and Column number both refer to the import. They describe the position of the value in a tab-separated clipboard line text. If you enter the column number, the corresponding column name is generated and reversed (e. g. 1 = A and 2 = B).

General settings


A spreadsheet with an additional column 'additional info should not be imported.

Relative definition for an import.