Position Figures

Use the Position tab is displayed In the Object Properties pane (Details toolbar) along with other tabs for the objects. The position (coordinates) of an object within the cell or in relation to a time or distance axis are set resp. can be adjusted user-defined.

Ways to access


The name and attributes of an object will be displayed on the Other Objects tab.

Distance and Time

The names may change to Horizontal or Vertical depending on the cell type into which the objects are inserted. The values shown can be in distance, time, metric format or % values. This is depending on the scaling of the object and the cell type where the object is inserted.


Depending on the scaling method set here, objects change their size when scales or cell sizes change. See details by cell, but in general:

Scaling in Time/Distance Cell


Scaling in Distance Cell

Scaling in Time Cell

Scaling in Graphic Cell

Note:  Inserted graphics and symbols can also be exactly positioned and synchronized with the distance axis with the help of 2 points and the Adjust Position button. Read more about this in the chapter Working with Graphics - Inserting Distance Graphics.

Connect an object with an Activity