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Use the Legend Entries tab or Legend Entry dialog to create the already used formats in a sub-project or take the existing activity templates.

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Summary of legend entries

Especially when you have manually edited the display of Activities or you are using the same display within Activity templates for several templates, this display can be summarised within the legend. Using criteria, the display of the Activities is checked and summarised.

The more criteria used, the fewer displays are summarised.


You have 5 Activities with the name Earth Moving. However, each Activity has a different line style. If you select the name only as criteria, all 5 Activities are summarised. If you select the line style as an additional criteria, all 5 Activities are listed separately.

If there are identical Activity Names in the number of activities that should be considered in the legend, the (redundant) name is entered once only in the legend.

The activity first created (smallest ID) is used.

The same rule is applied for the other attributes (user template name, display type, line color, etc.)

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