Import Calendar Exceptions

Use the Import Exceptions dialog to import exceptions via an .hsc file format. The Project directory in Tilos contains .hsc files with holiday exceptions for several countries.

Ways to access

  • See below for how to open the Calendar dialog.


  1. In the Tilos Explorer, click + to expand Project Data.

  2. Then double-click Calendars to open the list of existing calendars and a preview of each in the working window.

  3. Double-click a calendar in the list, and click the Import Exceptions button on the Calendar View tab.

  4. Click Select File and browse to the Exception file (.hsc) you want to import. The default location is C:\ProgramData\TILOS\Tilos<version>-Data\Calendars\.

  5. Select an option in the State/Region list.

  6. In the Day definition list, select to which definition the exception should be linked; this should be a holiday day definition.

  7. Click OK.