Review Activities Connected to Mass Areas

Use the Connected Activities tab to see a read-only overview of activities connected with a selected mass area. Make changes to the displayed data in the activities themselves. To edit the activities, see the Defining Mass Haulages help topic.

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Haulage types and associated activities

When mass areas are connected via a mass haulage, and the haulage has a type assigned (scraper, dozer, etc.) that is used for calculations, Tilos can create an activity out of the mass haulage. Depending on the haulage type, an activity template is chosen for the new haulage activity. If the haulage type changes, the program automatically updates the activity´s template with the newly assigned haulage type (including activity data) for cut and fill activities. If a haulage quantity changes, the quantity for the cut and fill activity is also updated. The activity is now calculated upon the new activity template it is assigned to.

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