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Use the Microprogress tab to see all microprogress records for the sub-projects in a selected time-distance cell. This allows easy management and application of microprogress. Microprogress entries are listed in the grid. They are grouped by the value: Progress group. All entries from one planning activity are under one folder.

Ways to access

  • Select an activity in a view and click the Microprogress tab in the Object Properties pane.


The following functions are available:

  • Check - This function inspects all micro progress entries, detects and marks conflicts. Those entries that are having a conflict are marked with a symbol. Before micro progress can be evaluated, conflicts have to be solved.

Possible conflicts

Distance range of the planning Activity does not match with the distance range on the micro progress entry.

Distance range of the planning Activity is already progressed or partly progressed.

  • Resolve conflict - This function is used to resolve conflicts of a micro progress entry.

  • The Dialog - Resolve conflicts is called.

  • Evaluate - This function inspects all micro progress entries of the selected Activity. In case there is no conflict, then progress gets applied in the same way, as it would be directly entered for a Tilos Activity. However, certain assumptions are done in order to reduce the number of Activities created. Micro progress Activities in a sequence with no gap in distance and time are converted into one single performed Activity.

  • Show selected - If the button is pressed, then in the time-distance diagram a filter is set and only the select Activity with is micro progress Activities is shown. If they are not visible, please check the display options for that view.

  • Show only conflicts - If the button is pressed, only those progress Activities that have the conflict flag set are shown.

  • Show only not evaluated - If the button is pressed, only those Activities having the flag Evaluate not set are shown.

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