Tilos - Quadri Workflow

Using the new Tilos - Quadri workflow, you can:

  1. Create or open a Tilos project with scheduled tasks.

  2. Create a view filter for the data you want to exchange with Quadri.

  3. Install the Quadri Connector and Quadri Task Templates.

  4. Configure settings for the time zone, sub-project, and sector type to use for data exchange.

  5. Map Quadri feature types to Tilos activity templates.

  6. Map Quadri task properties and Tilos activity properties to each other.

  7. Connect from Tilos to a Quadri model.

  8. Specify which task and feature properties to make available and download them from Quadri to Tilos.

  9. Review and filter the Quadri data in Tilos.

  10. As you make schedule changes in Tilos, upload them back to Quadri to stay in sync.

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