Set Up Gantt Chart Text Panels

Use the Gantt Chart Settings dialog to define general settings for a Gantt chart. Click the icon 'Control Panel' within the 'Main' toolbar. Another possibility to open this dialog is using the context menu, mouse right click at the Working Area, option 'Gantt Chart'.

Ways to access

Select the Text Panel tab.



Several options are possible:

 If the Gantt chart cell lies in a glued cell the text panel is always visible.


Element group within the 'Text panel' to edit the appearance settings of the Gantt chart Header.

Vertical lines

Element group within the 'Text panel' to edit the vertical lines appearance settings of the  Gantt chart. Optionally this element group might me disabled by the item 'show'.


The following column headers of the Gantt chart are set as standard elements of the Text panel:

The user-defined column headers can be edited. To add a column click the icon  'Add column' or if you want to delete a column select it and click the icon  'Remove column'.