Add File Links

Use the File Links tab to add file/document links to activities. Each activity can have multiple files/document links attached. The links can be located on the local hard disk, on a network share, or with an Internet URL. The files will not be copied to the Tilos file. There is just a link with the path to the file assigned. Directly from the activity context, the attached document can be viewed/opened with the connected windows application. Additionally, a graphic symbol visible at the activity indicates that there are files linked to that activity.

Ways to access


Drag-and-drop files

You can drag image files from Windows Explorer and/or the Tilos Explorer's Graphic Libraries and drop them into list cells and to an Activity's File Links tab. When you drag-and-drop an image file into a cell, the picture is inserted at the cursor's location. If the picture is smaller than the cell, the picture retains its original size. If the picture is bigger than the cell, the cell is resized to the extent of the picture. If you drag-and-drop multiple pictures into the Graphic File list, new entries are created. If a picture you dragged has a duplicate name, it replaces the existing picture in the list.

The File links grid displays the existing links to the selected activity.

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