Review Activity Lists

Use the Activity List tab to see a table of all visible activities.

The activity shown is controlled by the filter that is applied (not by the start and end dates or view distance). You can select activities in the graphical view by selecting them in the list, and you can edit the data by clicking and typing in cells in the list. This improves the interaction between time-distance and activity list views.

With each click, the time-distance view is scrolled. If you select an activity outside of the visible time frame, you are prompted to adjust the time-distance range of the cell. Using the activity list makes it much easier to select activities and change them in the time-distance view (multi-select is not enabled).

Ways to access

  • Click the Activity List icon on the tab beneath the Tilos Explorer.

  • In the Tilos Explorer, expand Views > Activity List, and double-click an existing activity list. ?


On the Activity List tab

Use the buttons at the top of the tab.

  • Show Flat List - Expand/collapse the list structure to switch between a hierarchy and a single-level list (flat structure) that can be sorted. This makes finding entries in large projects easier and more efficient.

  • Copy Expand States to View - Control the expand/collapse state in the list by clicking the buttons at the top; summaries are closed

Note: Expand states cannot be copied between HSP files; after dragging-and-dropping a project from one HSP to another, any summary Activities will be shown collapsed.

Note: Expand states can be edited directly on Activities in a Time-Distance View or in the Details section of the Time-Distance cell on the Summary Activities tab.

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