Enter Microprogress

Use the Microprogress tab to assign microprogress to an activity on a daily or weekly basis.

Ways to access

  • Select an activity in a view and click the Microprogress tab in the Object Properties pane.

  • Set the interval, which assists the entry of microprogress data in Tools > Options > ...


Display microprogress activities

  1. Open a view with a time-distance cell and click in the cell.

  2. Click the Object Properties Pane > Display tab.

  3. Check the Display progress box.

  4. In addition, check the Display non-evaluated microprogress segments box.

Allocate microprogress to an activity

According to the progress entry, define the progress method for this activity first. See the Entering Progress help topic.

  1. Open a view with a time-distance cell and select an activity.

  2. Click the Object Properties Pane > Microprogress tab.

Note: If the Progress tab is not available, select Tools > Options > Functions tab and check the Enable progress measurement box. …

3. Use the icons on the right edge to:

    • Add new microprogress entries.

    • Delete selected entries from the list.

    • Edit Properties of an entry.

  1. In the Microprogress dialog, confirm the suggested Start date and End date, which are based on the selected entry interval. Change these dates to fit the real progress interval, as needed.

  2. Depending on the displayed progress method, enter the Percentage, Quantity, or Distance values. The suggested values are calculated according to the selected progress interval.

  3. Click OK. The microprogress is listed within the entry table, but is not directly applied as progress. The advantage is that you can just monitor the progress and evaluate all microprogresses later in a single step.

  4. On the right side of the pane, click the Check Conflicts button to identify overlapping micro activities. Doing this will highlight microprogresses that overlap on the time or distance axis.

  5. Click the Evaluate button to apply the progress from the microprogress activities to the Activity.

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