Set Equation Properties

Use the Equations screen or Equation Properties dialog to calculate a second deviating distance value inside an activity. For the second distance value, use the Start distance (relative) and End distance (relative) fields. An equation is a rule that specifies how a second distance value is calculated. An equation can be used if a project has different parallel axes with different starting points. Or when the stationing is “jumping” using station equations.

Ways to access

Note: They are only visible if equations are enabled in Tools > Options > Functions tab. Check the Enable equations box.


Set a Name for an equation and define an Equation list.

To add an Equation click the icon  'Add Equation Item', to delete selected entries click the icon  'Delete Equation Item'.

To edit entries and open the dialog Equation Item Properties click the icon  'Properties'.

Note:  Always add an entry ahead of the first row with an equation and define this area without an equation. If there is only one entry in this list it works as a simple shift of coordinates with a constant value.

Exchanging Data with other Programs

Use your computer's clipboard to exchange data types from this list with other programs and vice versa. For more information, see the Export via the Clipboard and Import via the Clipboard help topics.

Import/export using the clipboard

Click either:

Fields that can be exported/imported

 Absolute Station, Equation, Length, Text Station Ahead, and Station Post