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Set Up a Tilos Connection to Connect

In Tilos, make your connection to Connect by specifying the time zone, region, and task filter you want to use. This initial connection will push your Tilos tasks and their properties to Connect for the first time.

Note: The first command you launch that requires a connection with Trimble Connect may prompt you to log in if you have not already done so. If you need to sign in as a different user, select Tools > Trimble Connect data > Logout from Connect. Then sign in again.

  1. In Tilos, click the Trimble Connect icon on the toolbar or select Tools > Trimble Connect Data in the menu.

  2. In the Trimble Connect dialog, click Set Up Connection to enter the settings required to make the connection with Trimble Connect.

  3. Click Refresh Regions and select your project’s Time zone and Region. If you are logged out of Connect, you are prompted to login again using your TID.

  4. Click Refresh Project List and select your Trimble Connect project that you want to exchange Tilos data with.

Note: If you refresh the Regions or Projects list when you are already signed in to Connect, you may receive this web page error:

“This page isn’t workinglocalhost didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.”

This is because the login page determines that you are already signed in, so the browser only sends back this info. Tilos gets data from Tilos, but the page stays empty since there is no need to show the login page. Simply sign out of Connect, and try to refresh the list of Connect projects again.

  1. Under Integration Settings, you can choose a Tilos Task filter and Active view (if you have multiple views) you configured to share with Connect, but this is optional. These settings enable you to cull the data to just the information that is relevant to share. If you leave these fields blank, no filters are applied, so all data is exported for Connect.

  2. Set the Highlight task changes color to make unaccepted changes in the list easier to distinguish.

  3. In the Comment field list, select the field you are using to add notes and other descriptive information.

  4. By default, the Tilos-Connect data exchange is limited to basic data (task ID, name, start/end dates, and start/end locations). To include other types of information, add Additional fields as desired.

  5. Click Close. Your settings and any changes you make are saved automatically as you make them. Once you have set up this connection, you should not need to do it again unless you need to change one of the settings. When you are connected, the Trimble Connect icon on your toolbar will be flashing.

  6. Click Synchronize Data to send your Tilos data to your Connect project.

  7. Click Close.

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