Create OLE Objects

Use the Insert Graphic Object dialog to insert an OLE (Object linking and embedding) object, which means "link and embed external files from other applications". Which files you can embed using OLE depends upon the program source in which the foreign file was created. As a general rule, all modern Windows programs (e.g. Excel files) can be embedded using the OLE data exchange component. The advantage of inserting OLE-objects is that embedded files can be subsequently modified in the original program.

Ways to access


Add an OLE Object

Open an OLE Object for editing

Right-click to open directly on the selected Object in the Working Window.

Connect an OLE Object to an Activity

Set defaults for creating  objects

These settings will however be used for all objects. Select an object from the object toolbar, templates can be set before drawing in the Object Area. These settings are however used as a template for all other objects.

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