Exchange Data with ASTA Powerproject

Use the Primavera P6 screen on page 3 of the Import/Export Wizard to specify exchange parameters unique to ASTA Powerproject.

Note: Primavera P6 and ASTA Powerproject use the same import/export parameters.

Ways to access

If appropriate, see the support note called Deploying the Asta PowerProject v15 Fix in Tilos in the Tilos Community.

The data exchange works based on XML files. To import or export data generated from ASTA Powerproject, you need an active license. Check to see if a license is available in the License Manager.

Exchanging data based on XML means always, that you export data from one application to an XML file and then import it from the XML file to the other application. This exchange is controlled by common profiles that set the exchange scope for objects but also for the field attributes.

In ASTA Powerproject this work is done based on a macro that is delivered along with your Tilos installation and needs to be initialized.


Install the ASTA Powerproject Tilos data exchange

To run the XML-based data exchange functions, you need first to install this functionality. This copies the Profiles and the additional programs to import and export the XML files with the following applications. The import and export programs can be downloaded from our web service.

The setup detects automatically, where ASTA Powerproject is installed and copies the file into the add-in directory.

If the install folder can not be detected, the files are copied to the ...\Tilos8\Exchange\ASTA Powerproject folder. 

Then you need to copy the files by yourself to the sub-folder Add-Ins of your Powerproject installation.

Create an icon or menu entry

The data exchange is done on behalf of a macro that needs to be installed first along with your ASTA Powerproject installation.

For more help, please use the help system of the Tilos exchange function inside ASTA Powerproject.

Change the scope of data exchange

To create and change profiles open the Profile Editor by clicking the right mouse button on the folder Project data/Profiles in the Tilos Explorer. There you will find instructions on how to set up a profile.

Note:  The macro uses its own paths for the XML files. If you have started Tilos before the first activation of the macros, then the Tilos default values are copied.

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