Replace Activity Data Globally

Use the Replace Activity Data dialog to replace one or more properties for selected activities.

Ways to access

  • Select an activity in a view or list and select Activity Creation > Global Change.

  • Press F10.

Then enable the Replace Activity Data option and click OK.


The dialog shows a grid system, each line representing one exchange rule.

  • Add - Click the icon to add a new line.

  • Remove description - Click the icon to delete an Activity Segment Description.

  • Edit - Click the icon to display and/or edit this line in the Replace Activity Data Line dialog.

  • Execute selected line - Click the button selected line to close the dialog and just execute the selected line.

  • OK - Click the button to close the dialog and execute all lines, where the field Execute on OK is checked.

  • Cancel - Click the to close the dialog with no change done.

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