Insert Repetitive Activities

Use the Insert Repetitive Activities dialog to create a set of activities where the same work has to be done at different dates or at different locations.

Ways to access

Activity template

Select an Activity template that should be used for the new Activities going to be created or use the template of the activated Activity.

Time Settings

Repeat options

Select the repeat model. This can be either time or distance. This selection controls the following data entries:

By time

Repeat every - Enter the repeat sequence.

This can be Hour (additional number of hours can be set), Day, Week or Month.

By distance profile

In this case, all Activities are created in a sequence. The finish of the previous Activity is the start of the next Activity.

Length calculation

Other options

Put Activity on the same bar line - If this option is set, then all Activities created are placed on the same bar line in the Gantt chart.

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Further information

Understand Activity Templates