Define Filter Criteria

Using this dialog you can create filter criteria. Several conditions may be necessary for criteria. 

Ways to access

Create/edit a filter criteria

If you define several conditions in a filter criteria, they are automatically defined as AND criteria.

Example 1: Use a question mark (?) wildcard to find an activity name containing  a specific character

1.In the Tilos Explorer, expand Views > Activity and double-click Task List.

2. Click the Filter icon above the list. 

3. In the Activity Filter dialog, click New.

4. In the Name field, enter Name Wildcard, for example.

5. In the first row, double-click in the Name cell to open the Filter Criteria dialog.

6. Call the criteria Name wildcard.

7. In the parameter list, select Name.

8. Leave is set to Equal.

9. Double-click in the Value cell and enter *stripping (in this example).

10. Check the Wildcard searching box and click OK.

11. Click Apply Filtee

The list is then be filtered to just activities with stripping in the name. 

Example 2: Use an alphabetic range [a-z] wildcard to find an activity name starting with a specific letter

That looks for the activities starting with A or B and having 1 after that 

The result: 

Changing range to A-D: 

The result: 

You can also use multiple ranges. That looks for the activities starting with A,B,C or D followed by 1,2 or 3. E.g.: 

The result: 

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