Manage Baselines

Use the Baseline Manager dialog to create, edit, hide and show baselines in a time distance cell. You can also define the Report Date. This will be applied to the whole project, including all subprojects.

Ways to access

  • In the menu, select Tools > Baseline Manager.



  • Creation Date - The date of the baseline`s creation. This date cannot be subsequently changed.

  • IsActive - Several baselines can be created, however only the active will be displayed in the time-distance cell.

As against a time-distance cell with only one possible baseline, you can show several baselines in the Gantt Chart.

Using the buttons on the right edge of the table Baseline you can create a new baseline, delete selected entries in the list and switch on the active baseline: Show baseline. The visibility of a single Activity can be switched off in the column visible.


For the selected baseline, the related Activities are listed.

  • IsPerformed - Tilos will activate the checkbox if the related Activity is a performed part of a progress-group

With the Activity Merge Button you can merge the marked baseline into the activated (IsActive) baseline

Using the buttons on the right edge of the Activities you can subsequently add Activities to an existing baseline, Clicking or deleting selected activities from the list in the baseline Clicking .


  • Activity dates cannot be changed.

  • Deleting an activity will also delete its baseline.

The item Baseline Manager of the context menu of an activity (open by right-click) offers the following baseline options:

  • Add Activities to current (active) baseline -

  • Remove selected Activities from given baseline -

  • Create new baseline and add Activity to baseline -

  • Change active baseline - Opens Baseline Manager and activates first baseline in the list

  • Baseline Manager - Opens Baseline Manager

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