Display Calendars - Per Day (day definition)

Use the Day Definition Display dialog to specify the calendar display within a cell. The defined colors will be applied to the whole project.

Ways to access

  • Click in a time-distance view and click the Display tab in the Object Properties pane. In the Calendar Display section, choose Per day (day definitions) and click the Settings button.


  • Day Definition - Predefined or user-defined name of a day definition.

  • Display Color - Enabled this option to display the day definition color in the cell

  • Collapse Day definition - These days are cut out and won't be displayed in the cell

  • Background - Predefined or user-defined color setting of the day definition.

  • Line Color - Predefined or user-defined color setting of the line style.

  • Pattern - Select a pattern from the integrated drop-down menu of available patterns.


Detail display of an user-defined calendar definition 'Per Day (Day Definition)'

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Further information

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