Set Graphic Properties

Use the Graphic Properties tab to set the attributes for pictures, graphics or attachments.

Ways to access

  • Enable by selecting a graphic object... of the Details toolbar


Graphics as file import

  • Browse - Click the button to open the dialog file selector to load or link another file.

  • Embed Graphic - The graphic file is inserted as a copy in the Tilos file. This option should be used if the Tilos project file has to be processed on several computers resp. networks. The file size increases by the size of an inserted graphic file.

  • Linked Graphic - The linked path to a graphic and the name of the graphic file is saved in the Tilos file.

Graphics from Libraries

  • Picture name - If the picture is a reference to the Tilos Library Graphics, then you can exchange the reference with the combo selector and select another graphic.

Further options

  • Set Original Size - Resets the size (height and width) of the graphic file to its original values.

  • Set As Background - Press this button to place the graphic file behind all objects and rasters except the calendar layer.