Calculate Activities

Use the Calculation tab to calculate an activity based on quantity, work rate, or duration. These calculation models define which values should be calculated for an activity.

Note:  If you find that a token, such as Work Rate, cannot be imported into a Time Profile (where other tokens are available), it is likely that the token was simply deleted. The ability to remove tokens is 'as designed' so you can select just the items you need to use. To recover deleted tokens, click the Default button. Then the missing field, e.g., Work Rate will appear again.

Ways to access

These calculation models are available:

Specify sector-based speeds

Base speed remains the default speed if you have not specified a speed at the sector level.

Note: You can no longer define speed in a sector profile. The Speed token (now obsolete) and Speed column have been removed from the Sector Profile Properties dialog. If you have an earlier project in which sector speed was defined in this way, the column and values will remain visible in that project.

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