Hiding and Displaying Toolbars

All toolbars and areas can be hidden and shown on the screen. Using the View menu, you can show/hide the toolbars.

Changing the position of toolbars 

To remove the Toolbar from its fixed position select View > Toolbars and deactivate the corresponding Toolbar, Then you may move the Toolbar with the mouse to another part of the screen or on a second connected Display.

Note:  Which toolbars and areas are hidden or displayed - and the size and position of these - is saved for every project file in the file*.

Main Toolbar

The standard toolbar contains the following functions:

View Toolbar

The View toolbar contains the following functions:

Note:  Cells that already contain data or objects cannot be connected/glued together.

Note: The commands shown on the toolbar may vary depending on what type of view is active.

Object Toolbar

Within this toolbar you will see the following functions if you select a time/distance cell or a bar chart cell:

Preset Toolbar

The Preset Toolbar is located beneath the Main Toolbar.

Insert Toolbar

The default position of the Insert Toolbar is between the Tilos Explorer and the Working Area. Use the Insert Toolbar to insert new objects in a current view. See the detailed description of the objects available in the Reference Manual/Objects.

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