Set Spreadsheet Properties

Use the Spreadsheet Settings dialog to configure rows and columns in list views like the Activity List and Link List. The captions are specific to the type of spreadsheet you are editing.

Ways to access

  • Right-click a column heading in a list view and select Setup from the context menu.


  • Column templates - Configure columns as desired using the options below. Then click Save. In the future, you can select a column template in the list to reload and modify it. Click Save As to save the modified template with a different name. Load any unneeded column templates and click Delete to remove them from the list.

  • Caption - Shows the name of the column. Select rows in the first Caption list (available columns) and click the > button to move them into the second Caption list (columns in your table). Click the >> button to move all available columns into your table. Do the opposite (using the < and << buttons to move individual or all columns out of your table.

Note: The blank caption is the only one you can edit.

  • Width - Set the maximum width (in number of characters) for the column.

  • Visible - Show/hide columns in the table as needed without removing them from your column template.

  • Show icon - Include the object symbol in the column (as applicable). This will add to the width of the entry.

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