License Tilos

The License Manager is a standalone executable. Changing the License Mode must be done before starting the main application. The main application will read the configuration and respond to the license mode accordingly when launched. The Help > License Manager menu item has been replaced by Help > Account Info.

Use the License Manager dialog to access these three license options:

Licensing scenarios

Clean installation licensing

Re-installation licensing

Upgrade from Classic license to Named user license

Licensing with your Trimble Identity (as a named user)

Note:  If you find that you are still in Demo mode, you probably do not have a Named User license. Follow the steps in Purchase and Manage Licenses below to get one.

Note:  When switching license modes in version 11.0, you were automatically signed out from TID. In versions 11.1 and above, this will not occur; you will remain signed in. If you need to sign out, you must do this from the Trimble Identity page for Tilos. When you switch modes, Tilos closes and reopens also.

Note:  When running Tilos as a Named User via your Trimble Identity (TID), the program now only allows one TID-based session to run at a time. While your Named User license allows you to run Tilos on different computers at different times, session management now protects you from someone else using your TID. If two Tilos sessions are running with the same Named User license, the older session is logged out.

Licensing with a Classic License (license file and serial number)

Tilos now also has a license status indicator at the bottom of the application window. Click the status text to open a pop-up message that you can copy-and-paste into an email when you need to contact Support.

Purchasing and Managing Licenses

You can still purchase Tilos by emailing After purchase, you can also manage all your company’s term-based licenses in an admin portal that allows you to:

Note: In order to find users by TID in the system (step 6 below), those users must visit the Civil Product Services page and sign in once with their TID or by creating a TID for the first time.

Self-administration enables you to verify and manage all the seats your company owns independently. As an admin, you can add and remove users every 7 days. This new functionality gives you the power of a hybrid between single-user and floating license systems. 

Administering Tilos Licenses

Note: Once removed, a user cannot be re-added until 7 days have passed.

Using the Offline License Mode

New term-based subscription licenses can also be used offline for 7 days when: 

Offline mode works when you have been online at least once in the previous 7 days, including a first-time license check. You must go online again within 7 days to refresh the license.

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