In Connect

Create an associated Connect project

Sign in to Trimble Connect with your Trimble ID and create a project with information that corresponds to your Tilos project. For basics on using Connect, see the Trimble Connect YouTube channel.

  1. Open your web browser, and go to Trimble Connect.

  2. Sign in using your Trimble ID (TID).

  3. Under Projects, select your region, and click .

  4. Fill in the New Project information and click Submit.

  5. Your project opens automatically. Otherwise, click the tile for your project in the Projects list. You can always return to the list of all projects by clicking the arrow next to your project name at the top of the Connect window.

Import BIM Data Related to your Tilos Project

In Connect, add your 3D project model that is in IFC format. (IFC can be built from many applications; Trimble Novapoint is recommended for linear design models). Add to upload IFC files that correlate to the linear construction project you are scheduling in Tilos. This creates a BIM model.

  1. Select Data > Explorer > Upload Files.
    (if you are in the 3D Viewer, select View Project in Trimble Connect first).

  2. Browse to and upload the IFC files that correspond to your Tilos schedule.

  3. Once the upload is complete, open the Connect 3D Viewer, select your region, and double-click your project tile.
    (In the released version of Connect, you can simply double-click the uploaded file name to open it in the viewer.)

Note: The typical workflow is to create and manage projects, users, and files in and to interact with models in The latter is opened after selecting files or views in the web application. The 3D Viewer is a separate micro application that can be embedded in other products; it opens up a separate tab from

  1. Click the Models icon on the left side. Then hover over the icon next to your file name and select Load model (or click Options > Load model).

  2. Use the 3D view navigation toolbar modes or these gestures to explore your BIM data:

    • Press Control and click-and-drag to rotate the model.

    • Press Shift and click-and-drag to pan the view.

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