Generate Microsoft Excel Reports

Use the Import/Export Wizard to run Microsoft Excel reports. Working with the Excel report module, activities, and their resource data as absolute; time-sliced values are exported. You can select which fields, data types, and groupings you want to have in your report.

The report is created when you click FINISH in step 4 of the Export wizard. Data is written to the file selected in step 2 of the wizard.

Ways to access

Warning: There is an Excel data exchange that looks quite similar (the same as text data import). The report described in this topic is only available via File > Export.



Here you can select the data types of the exported excel file.

Columns 1

AP = Activity planned

AA = Activity actual (additional line for Report)

ARP = Activity resource planned

ARA = Activity resource actual (additional line for Report)

SP = Summary planned

SA  = Summary actual (additional line for Report)

SRP = Summary resource planned

SRA  = Summary resource actual (additional input line).

Column 2

This prints always the Activity index for all Activity lines.

Column 3

This always prints the resource's short name for the re-import of actual resources.

Formats and line spacing

In this box, you can define the number of empty rows: Before Activity, After Activity, After Activity Cost, Before Summary, After Summary, After Project Cost. This section allows you to insert empty lines after or before the data lines in your report.

Time slice data

Within this section, you can generate time-sliced reports on work and quantities as well as costs and income.

Resource type

In this group, you select resource types and values to export.

Activity data

In this area, you can select the data that should appear in your report.