Create an Activity Group

Use the Save as Activity Group dialog to group activities. If you always plan the same sequence of activities at different points in time and at different locations, copy these activities into an activity group. Then you can insert the whole group at any point using a single mouse action.

Ways to access

  • Select activities, right-click, and select Save as Activity Group.


    1. Select the required activities.

To select several activities, press Control + click to select the activities.


Drag a window with the mouse around the activities. All activities that should be selected must lie within the window.

    1. Right-click the selected activities and select the entry Save as Activity Group.

    2. Enter a name for the activity group.

    3. Click the button save and edit and the activity group will be created and directly opened for further editing.


    1. Click OK. The activity group is created but not opened.

Insert an activity group

  1. Select Add Activity Group from the New Object Toolbar.

  2. Drag a window in the time/distance cell at the approximate position of the activities. The Insert Activity Group dialog appears.

  3. Select an activity group from the list.

  4. Select the method for the choice/entry of the location and enter the location coordinates.

    • Coordinates - Enter the start and end of the location for the activity group.

    • Sections - Select the section for the activity group from the list.

    • Station Points -Select the start and end of the activity group from a list of station points.

  5. Enter the start (date) and end (date) for the activity group. The start date is used for the first activity and the end date for the last activity of the activity group.

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