Drag-and-Drop in a Gantt Chart

The following function works only in a not grouped and not sorted Gantt Chart.

  • Multi-selection of bar lines - Select the first bar lines by clicking into the line, then select the following using the CTRL key and click. To select a range, use Shift + Click.

  • Dragging bar lines - Using the mouse selected bar lines can be moved to another bar line. Using Ctrl + Drag the selected bar lines can be copied.

  • Selecting all Activity in a row - Click in the number column. This selects all Activities in that row.

  • Moving Activities between bar lines - Select the Activity and copy the Activity between the barlines with dragging.

  • Copy a Activity to another bar lines - Select one or more Activities in different bar lines. Ctrl + Drag the Activities to another bar line. All Activities get copied to the bar lines where the mouse is released.