Project Options

Use Project page to define general project properties, such as the ID, drawing units, time, and day definitions.

Ways to access

  • On the menu, select Tools > Options > Project tab.

  • Click the Options icon > Project tab.


  • Name - Enter a unique name for the project, which can be used as a Token.

  • Project ID - Enter a unique ID for the project, which can be used as a Token. It is also important to set a Project ID for XML-Exchange.

  • Display last used view after opening file - Automatically show the last displayed view in the working window when opening a file.

  • Drawing unit in Inches - Recalculate and display (for example, the measurements in the cell system or the position of objects) in inches.

  • Advanced calendars interface - Show the Tab - Periods in the calendar so you can create complex calendar periods.

Time Unit Settings

  • Calculation of duration by - Choose which time unit is used for calculating duration display in Activities and links. If 'Base time unit' is selected, the duration will be calculated by the selected base time unit. These durations can be freely formatted using any time units in Library > Other Libraries > Units.

  • Base time unit - Set the time unit for calculating the duration fields in Activities and links.

  • Default time unit (elapsed) - Set the time unit for elapsed duration, not reflecting working time, but calendar time. Elapsed time units can be used in links lags and Activity shapes.

  • Append Base time unit to tokens - Add the short name of the time unit to the display of durations (for presentation of tokens).

Default Day Definitions for New calendars

  • When creating a new calendar, or when generating a calendar, these entries are used as default for the Week Definition. These settings can be changed individually in every calendar.

  • Workday - Select a Day Definition for working days from the list.

  • Weekend - Select a Day Definition for the weekend from the list.

  • Default Time Type Working - Select a Time Type for the working time of the day from the list. Will be used for generating calendars from Gantt chart lines.

  • Default Time Type Non-working - Select a Time Type for the non-working time from the list. Will be used for generating calendars from Gantt chart lines.

Free tokens (user-defined text fields)

You can create as many data fields for a project as you wish and use them as Tokens for printouts in the border area. Using the buttons on the right edge you can add new data fields, delete selected entries from the list.

  • Number - A token number is given automatically for every data field.

  • Description - Enter the name of the data field here. The data field is added to text fields using this name. Example: Supplier.

  • Value - Enter the content of the data field. Example: Linear project GmbH.


You can see a list of data fields when clicking F8 within a text field. The User-defined data fields are shown under the General folder.