Enter Progress

Use the Progress tab to allocate progress to an activity.

Note: This topic is about advanced progress only.

Ways to access

  • Select an activity in a view and click the Progress tab in the Object Properties pane.


Set a report date in the Baseline Manager

The entered progress is always related to a report date. The actual report date can be entered directly with the progress. For a better overview, the report date should be previously defined in the Baseline Manager.

  1. Open a view with a time-distance cell over the explorer and click in the cell.

  2. Select Tools > Baseline Manager.

  3. Select a Report date and click OK.

  4. Select the Object Properties Pane > Display tab.

  5. Check the Display report date line box.

  6. Additionally activate the Option Progress information. …

Note: You can specify the graphic display of the report date line by selecting Tools > Options > Display tab and selecting the line style and color in the Report date list.

Allocate progress to an activity

  1. Open a view with a time-distance cell in the Tilos Explorer.

  2. Select an activity and click the Object Properties pane > Progress tab.

Note: If the Progress tab is not available, select Tools > Options > Functions tab and check the Enable progress measurement box. …

  1. Select a progress option in the Method list.

Note: Once you have created progress for an activity, the progress method can no longer be changed.

The default progress method for an activity can be defined within activity templates.

  1. Click the Enter Progress icon (or press F11) to open the Enter Progress dialog.

  2. In the Dates group, you will see the actual Report date, as well as the assumed start and end of the progressed activity in relation to the report date.

  1. Note the selected Progress method as well.

  2. If you check the Performed box, the whole activity is entered as completed.

  3. Click OK to close the dialog.

  4. If you activate the Work break option, the progress is entered exclusively on the time axis for the given time period. No work progress is achieved.

  5. Depending on the selected method, enter the percentage, quantity, or the distance values for the real progress.

  6. In addition, you can enter the Percentage and Quantity progress methods.

Figure: Entering Progress

Hide and show the progress in the plan

  1. From the Tilos Explorer, open a view with a time-distance cell, and click in the cell.

  2. Select the Object Properties Pane > Display tab.

  3. Activate or deactivate the option progress Information.

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