The Tilos Concept

Tilos is a system you can use to create schedules for construction projects. The software provides all of the functions necessary to create, link, and reschedule activities, as well as to assign and monitor resources, costs, and progress.

The main difference between Tilos and other scheduling programs is in the layout of the schedule. A Tilos schedule contains not only activities, but also their relationship to site information and project results in a technical drawing. This information can be organized flexibly to meet the demands of each planner who has his own way to create sophisticated and professional plans.

A Tilos time-distance diagram is organized as a grid of cells in what is called a view.

You can place content in each cell, and then manage it using the Tilos Explorer, which is always visible at the left side of the Tilos window.

Four main containers collect items from the object level. This technology allows the reuse of items that have been created in one view, allowing them to be assigned in any other view.

Practical examples to clarify the concept


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