Set Up Text Panel Columns (standard)

Use the Standard tab to control display and numeric formatting in Gantt chart text panel columns.

Ways to access

  • Right-click the header of any Gantt chart text panel column, and select Edit Column. Click the Standard tab.

  • Click the Standard tab on the Text Panel Column Setup dialog.



  • Data field - If you select Data Field, then select from the combo list beside the data field you want to monitor in the selected column. The complete scope of available fields is listed in the appendix. Some variables do not allow setting a data source.

  • Calculated Value (only Numeric) - Choose this option if a calculated column of the selected item is needed. An input field appears where you can enter a mathematical formula, which can contain Activity tokens that are selectable using the F8 key. Only numeric values are allowed.

  • Name - Input field for column header.

  • Show tree structure in - A disabled standard option including the following inactive but enabled options to show details of the Gantt columns.

  • Show description

  • Show lines

  • Show Icons


  • Show as - Define a specified type of the column content via a drop-down menu.

  • List

Corresponding to this setting choice the input field 'Separator' is enabled to set a user-defined separator. A semicolon (;) is given as standard.

In addition, the option 'Hide, if number of Activities per bar line is greater than' can be enabled and set with a user-defined number of Activities.

Minimum | Maximum | Sum | Average: These values are only possible for numeric and date fields.