Calculate: Length

For this calculation model, the option to calculate Quantity over distance must be activated and a value for the Quantity factor must be entered. The length (distance) of the activity is then calculated using the entered work rate and duration. Also see Calculate Activities.

  1. Select an activity.

  2. Set the value in the field Set quantity by to activity length and enter the Quantity factor (how many units per 1 unit of distance).

In the Properties pane on the Cost tab, enable the Workload over distance option, and enter a value for the Workload per route.

For example: On a 1 meter route, 4 m³ of ditch are excavated.

  1. Select in the field Calculate: Length.

  2. Enter the work rate and select the Time unit for the work rate.

The work rate value corresponds to the unit of Quantity per selected time unit.

Example: m³/h.

  1. The Length is calculated using Duration * work rate / Quantity factor.

In our example, this results in a length of 2,500 meters.

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