Create 6-Day Work Weeks

Use the Day Definitions tab to define a week based on day definitions. You can change the week definition on the Week Definition tab in the Calendar dialog.

Ways to access

  • See below for how to open the Calendar dialog.


  1. Do one of these to open the Calendar dialog:

    • Double-click a calendar in the Tilos Explorer > Project Data > Calendars list.

    • Double-click a calendar in the list at the top of the calendar view.

    • Click the Go to Calendar icon on the right side of the calendar view.

  2. Click the Day Definitions tab to see the list of existing definitions.

  3. Click the Add Day Definition icon.

  4. Click in the Name field and enter a descriptive name for the new definition, e.g., 10hr working day.

  5. On the Week Definition tab, you will find an entry for every week day.

  6. Note: The Tab is named Periods if the Advanced Calendar Interface Option is set in Tools - Options.

  7. Change the Day type for the Saturday to a working day.

  8. Click OK to close the dialog.

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