Set Print Properties

Use the Print pane to define and print the printable area for each page in your active view. The print preview automatically updates after each change of any print parameter. See Basic and Advanced Print Modes in Printing and Presentation for Views and Gantt Charts.

Ways to access


The Print dialog lays over the Tilos Explorer.


View Scaling

The active view is automatically scaled (zoomed) so it is entirely visible within the program window; if the page size is bigger than the view, the page is scaled down to the view.


By default, blue lines are shown on top of the view, denoting the selected page size on top of the view. Pagination is calculated based on the page size, the fixed internal printer margins, and the extra user-defined margins. Larger margin values may lead to stretched page sizes. Adjust settings to make pagination fit your data as desired.

Note:  Pagination lines are not shown on print previews of Gantt charts.

Note:  Tilos uses its own page size and orientation options. Page size selections from the Windows printer dialog are not transported to the Tilos Print dialog. Do not select the size and orientation in the Windows printer dialog, but in the Tilos Print dialog. Changing the printer will keep the print options (e.g. size and orientation) as defined in the Tilos Print dialog. The last printer used is stored and will be used as long as no other printer is selected. This is independent of the Windows default printer. However, if you start the printing process and the stored printer cannot be found on this system, then the Windows default printer is used for printing.

Note:  These margins are in addition to the 'printable area' margins dictated by the limits of the printer hardware.

Gantt chart-specific settings

See Print a Gantt Chart.

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